POP Micro sectional screw


The new POP® MICRO SECTIONAL SCREW is added to the already known POP SCREW range to increase the therapeutic chances.

Made of stainless steel and biomedical techno polymer.

The male screw is not in contact with the orthodontic acrylic resin: its functionabilty will not be influenced by the quality of the technical procedure and/or of non-compliant curing time.

Continuous expansion movement: the high pressure injection of the polymer allows the perfect copy of the male screw thread thus ensuring a steady expansion transmission without the risk of undesired turning back into the mouth.

The flat shape of the guides and their flexibility allow a more gradual deliver of the expansion forces for a physiological orthodontic movement.

The metallic anchorage side of the screw has two through-holes in order to increase retention into the acrylic.

The flexibility of the screw could compensate slight relapse due to inconsistent use of the appliance by the patient.

The high adaptability of the appliance enables a comfortable application into the mouth even in the days following re-activation.

Two embossed arrows on the body indicate the direction of opening. When using a color of acrylic resin similar to the polymer body, a white arrow provided with the plastic placement tab may be easily snapped on to make the direction of activation more visible.

Available in 6 colors.

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