Rapid Expander with orthogonal arms

Rapid Expander with orthogonal arms

The new Leone anatomical expander is the ideal solution for patients who need orthopedic maxillary expansion, as it allows the manufacture of devices with limited dimensions, maximum stability, comfort and safety. The small size of the body and the orthogonal arrangement of the bending arms allow an optimal positioning of the expander even in case of severe contraction and favor the biomechanical control of the expansion.
The unique self-centering system of the guides ensures a symmetrical and stable expansion.
The package includes a swivel key with handle and instructions for use to facilitate the home endoral activation.
The arm bending and self-locking instrument REF P0630-00 (page 24) is also available.

Pack of 1

• The orthogonal position of the arms reduces the overall size of the device.

• The arms are placed within a through-hole into the body and the external laser welding make them to form an integral part of the expander, thus ensuring maximum safety and comfort for the patient.

• Compared to the previous version, the outer position of the arms inside the bodies works on further reducing the overall size and facilitates the adaptation of the expander by the technician.

• The presence of a special slot on the guide pins allows the head of the male screw to keep the guides centered throughout the treatment, ensuring a symmetrical, stable expansion and minimizing the possibility of spontaneous deactivation during therapy.

• Two different placements are possible thanks to the marking of the arrows on both sides of the screw.

• Available in three expansion capacities for every therapeutic need.

Swivel key also available with activation turn counter

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